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Hey guys, i am a old LOL player 29 years of age, i have played for a very long time, i was Plat2 at a stage. Been part of many DGLS, but i dont play anymore, but are still very active in our old clan.

But the one guy, wich is captian does not understand that you need a healthy competitve nature in your clan to grow, he just wants to play as friends, in DGL.

And i say: No No my son you need teams to compete for the A Team in your clan to grow as a unit.

This clan is not about taking pride as the A Team, i want this clan to move in a direction of beieng the best clan in SA.

Anyway like i said i dont play anymore, i might play but ok lets just leave it there.

I want to show these guys how good a team can get if the clan and teams are managed right. I want to be a manager for the clan, wich there is not at the moment. I realy want to grow this clan into something big, we arleady have some sponsors.

So please any South African LoL player with a lv30 account are welcomed, if you need any help i will be there for you, even if it is real life problems i will be there for you. 

Just come and join this clan so i can get the best 5 out of you all and beat them, and get the respect i need to grow this clan.

Btw. Im a friendly person, but i am very competitve, and dont like losing. I believe if you want to be the best you have to be the best.

So please all are welcome, invite me on LOL  Account Name: NeedForSkin 

Then i will sort you out.


Kind Regards

Your manager :D

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